끂옒媛궗 寃뚯떆뙋
Zenophy's 끂옒媛궗 寃뚯떆뙋
작성자 Zenophy
분 류 湲고
추천: 9  조회: 1280  
Seoul Subway Song(꽌슱 吏븯泥 넚) - 留덉씡쓽 (2011)

I've been all around the world and ridden many a subway train
(쟾 꽭怨꾨 떎遊ㅺ퀬, 留롮 吏븯泥 뱾쓣 遊ㅼ留)

But only one's so near-perfect, I can hardly complain
(궡媛 遺덊룊 븷 닔 뾾쓣 留뚰겮 醫뗭 吏븯泥좎 삤吏 븯굹)

It's not in New York, or London, or Tokyo, hardly miss them,
(洹멸굔 돱슃뿉룄, 윴뜕뿉룄, 룄荑꾩뿉룄 뾾뼱, 洹멸쾬뱾 洹몃┰吏룄 븡븘)

It's the Seoul Metropolitan Subway System!
(洹멸굔 諛붾줈 꽌슱 닔룄沅 吏븯泥 떆뒪뀥!)

It's really simple for people who hop in from overseas
(쇅援 궗엺뱾뿉寃뚮뒗 젙留 렪由ы븳 떆뒪뀥씠빞)

With train announcements in English, Japanese, and Chinese
(吏븯泥 븞뿉꽌 쁺뼱, 씪蹂몄뼱, 以묎뎅뼱 븞궡諛⑹넚씠 굹삤嫄곕뱺)

You swipe your card here, for instance, then you pay by the distance
(꽕 移대뱶瑜 湲곕쭔 븯硫 嫄곕━뿉 뵲씪 슂湲덉씠 옄룞쑝濡 젙궛뤌)

If you get some resistance, you can ask for assistance
(뼱뼡 臾몄젣媛 깮湲곕뜑씪룄 諛붾줈 룄쓣 泥븷 닔 엳怨)

You got your handles, got your dangles, got your elderly seats,
(넀옟씠룄 엳怨 끂빟옄 슦꽍룄 엳怨)

There's a place for your baggage and a place for your feets
(媛諛⑹쓣 넃쓣 吏먯뭏怨 諛붾떏룄 엳뼱!)

Gaps are problems no more because of sliding screen doors
(듅媛뺤옣怨 뿴李 諛곗감媛꾧꺽룄 臾몄젣릺吏 븡븘, 洹멸굔 紐⑤몢 뒪겕由 룄뼱 뜒遺꾩씠吏)

And illuminated boards inform you moments before you board
(쟾愿묓뙋 誘몃━ 뿴李⑥쓽 룄李⑹쓣 븣젮二쇨퀬)

Rush hour is crush hour 'cause they pack it in tight,
(뾼泥굹寃 遺먮퉬뒗 윭떆븘썙뒗 '겕윭떆 븘썙'빞)

The trains start up at 5 a.m. and service cuts off at midnight
(뿴李⑤뒗 깉踰 5떆遺꽣 떖由ш린 떆옉빐꽌 옄젙씠 릺뼱꽌빞 걹굹)

And the answer when you transfer and don't wanna get it wrong
(솚듅븷븣 떎닔븷寃 媛숈쑝硫)

is to wait for the the song (the song, the song). Here it comes . . .
(씠 끂옒瑜 뱾뼱遊)

Line 1 was first, so it's a bit old and slow,
(1샇꽑! 빟媛 삤옒릺怨 뒓由ш린룄 븯吏留)

But hey, it goes out to Incheon, Suwon, and Gyeonggido
(씤泥쒓낵 닔썝, 寃쎄린룄瑜 吏굹媛)

Line 2's a circular path, the world's largest on track,
(2샇꽑!닚 솚꽑, 꽭怨꾩뿉꽌 媛옣 湲 닚솚끂꽑)

So you can get drunk and pass out and still make it back
(꽕媛 닠뿉 痍⑦빐룄 뿴李⑤뒗 룎怨 룎븘 吏묒뿉 媛덉닔 엳吏)

Line 3 can take you to Ilsan, Insadong, Apkujeong, and more
(3샇꽑쓣 硫 씪궛怨 씤궗룞, 븬援ъ젙쓣 吏굹)

While Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, and Daehangro comprise line 4
(紐낅룞怨 룞臾, 븰濡쒕 媛젮硫 4샇꽑쓣)

Line 5 covers such distance that it's since become crowned
(5샇꽑 吏援щ 넻뼱 吏븯뿉꽌)

The planet's longest rail line entirely underground
(媛옣 湲 吏븯泥좊룄옒)

Line 6 can take you Hongdae or Itaewon, you should see them
(6샇꽑 솉룄 媛怨 씠깭썝룄 媛怨)

If you're into stuff like clubbing and drinking and parties and freedom
(꽕媛 떊굹寃 硫댁꽌 뙆떚 옄쑀瑜 썝븳떎硫 諛붾줈 씠 怨녹씠吏!)

Line 7 swings downtown to help out with the rush
(7샇꽑쓣 硫 蹂듭옟븳怨녹쓣 踰쀬뼱굹 踰덊솕媛濡 媛덉닔 엳뼱)

While line 8's on the outskirts, and Chamshil's the crux
(8샇꽑쓣 硫 援먯쇅濡 굹媛怨 옞떎씠 以묒떖씠빞)

Line 9's the first line to offer local service and express
(9샇꽑 씪諛섏뿴李⑥ 湲됲뻾뿴李④ 엳뒗 븳援 理쒖큹쓽 끂꽑씠吏)

And Chungang line has that name because it's central, I guess
(以묒븰꽑 媛슫뜲瑜 吏굹湲 븣臾몄뿉 洹몃윴 씠由꾩쓣 媛吏怨 엳굹遊)

And there's the old and new Bundang lines, yeah it's going strong
(援 遺꾨떦꽑怨 떊 遺꾨떦꽑, 紐⑤몢 젙留 理쒓퀬빞!)

Now come on, transfer with me as we groove right along to the song!
(옄 씠젣 슦由 븿猿 씠 끂옒瑜 뵲씪 由щ벉쓣 怨 굹 븿猿 吏븯泥좎쓣 媛덉븘蹂댁옄!)